What Is Starlink?

Starlink uses a constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites to deliver broadband internet, drastically reducing the latency and increasing the speed compared to older satellite internet technologies. With the Starlink kit, which includes a user terminal (dish), mounting tripod, and Wi-Fi router, users can access broadband speeds that rival or surpass traditional ground-based services. This service is ideal for remote businesses and anyone looking for an alternative to conventional internet providers.

Benefits of Starlink Services

Starlink’s satellite internet services come with a host of benefits that make it an appealing choice for users across the globe. As a company at the forefront of installing and managing these services, RFE Communications highlights the following advantages:

  • Widespread Availability: Starlink provides high-speed internet access even in remote and rural areas where traditional broadband services are not available. This opens up numerous possibilities for users outside of typical urban service zones.
  • High-Speed Internet: With Starlink, expect significantly faster speeds than traditional satellite internet. This means smoother browsing, quicker downloads, and more reliable streaming of TV shows and movies.
  • Low Latency: Starlink’s use of low Earth orbit satellites reduces latency, which is the time it takes for data to travel from your device to the satellite and back. This improvement is particularly noticeable in online gaming, video calls, and real-time data applications.
  • Easy Management: Using the Starlink app, customers can easily manage their network settings, monitor data usage, and troubleshoot issues directly from their smartphones. This user-friendly approach simplifies the internet experience and puts control in the hands of the user.
  • Scalability: As more Starlink satellites are launched, the network’s capacity and performance will continue to improve, ensuring that the service scales with growing demand and technological advancements.


Starlink’s revolutionary satellite technology and RFE Communications’ expertise in installation and maintenance combine to provide an unmatched internet service option that is rapidly transforming how and where we can connect online. Whether you are looking to stream movies, manage large files, search the web, or stay connected with others, Starlink services offer a robust solution.

What Equipment Is Required for Starlink

To access Starlink’s cutting-edge satellite internet services, a few key pieces of equipment are essential. RFE Communications ensures that each component of the Starlink equipment is correctly installed and optimized for the best performance. The primary equipment required includes:

  • Starlink Satellite Dish: This is the main receiver, commonly referred to as “Dishy.” It communicates directly with the Starlink satellites in orbit, capturing the satellite signals necessary to provide internet service.
  • Mounting Equipment: Depending on your specific site requirements and the layout of your house, various mounting options are available. These range from ground mounts to roof mounts and even wall mounts, ensuring the dish has a clear line of sight to the sky with minimal obstructions.
  • Starlink Router: This device connects wirelessly to the satellite dish and creates a home Wi-Fi network for your devices to connect to. It manages your data flow, ensuring efficient internet access throughout your home.
  • Cables: High-quality power and data cables link the dish and the router. These cables are designed to withstand the elements if the installation is outdoors and ensure uninterrupted power and data transmission.
  • Starlink App: The Starlink app is a vital tool for both setup and ongoing management of your system. It helps in finding the best installation location by checking for signal obstructions, assists in aligning the dish for optimal signal reception, and provides real-time management of your internet settings and usage.


Together, these components create a seamless online experience, allowing RFE Communications to provide a swift and efficient installation service for your home or business.

Why Professional Installation Is Necessary

While setting up Starlink might seem straightforward, professional installation ensures optimal performance and durability. The installation process involves more than just placing the dish; it requires careful consideration of the site, precise alignment with satellites, and secure mounting to withstand weather conditions.

RFE Communications specializes in the technical aspects of Starlink installations to ensure that your system maximizes its connectivity potential. Our trained installers consider several factors:

  • Optimal Dish Placement: Ensuring a clear line of sight to the sky, free from obstructions such as trees or buildings.
  • Cable Management: Securely routing cables to prevent exposure and damage while ensuring connectivity is not impeded.
  • Router Configuration: Setting up and connecting the Starlink router to your devices, configuring the network for maximum efficiency and security.

Comprehensive Services Provided by RFE Communications

At RFE Communications, we offer a broad range of services to ensure that all your communication needs are met:

  • Starlink Installation: From unboxing the Starlink kit to final testing, our installers handle the entire setup process. We ensure your Starlink connection is strong, stable, and ready to deliver high-speed internet wherever you are.
  • First Responder System Enhancements: We design and implement robust communication systems that keep first responders connected in critical situations, ensuring that every call for help is heard and answered promptly.
  • Support and Maintenance: Our commitment doesn’t end with installation. RFE offers ongoing support and maintenance to keep your systems operational and up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.
Police First Responders using ERRCS radio equipment : By RFE Communications

Enhancing First Responder Communication Systems

In addition to residential and commercial internet services, RFE Communications is deeply committed to enhancing public safety through improved communication systems for first responders. Reliable communication can be the difference between life and death in emergency situations. We engineer and install systems that bolster the reliability and clarity of first responder communications, using technologies like distributed antenna systems (DAS) and bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) to enhance radio and cellular signals across complex environments.

Why Choose RFE Communications for Your Starlink Installation Needs

Choosing RFE Communications means opting for professionalism, expertise, and unwavering support. Our team of experienced engineers and installers is equipped to handle any challenge, ensuring that your installation is done right the first time. Whether you need to connect to the internet via Starlink, enhance public safety communications, or require robust networking solutions, RFE is here to help.

Contact Us for Nationwide Starlink Installation Services

If you’re ready to experience the future of internet connectivity with Starlink or need to upgrade your emergency communication systems, contact RFE Communications. We provide nationwide installation and enhancement services designed to keep you connected in today’s digital world. Join the countless satisfied customers who rely on us for their communication needs. Reach out today, and let’s discuss how we can support you in connecting and protecting your community more effectively.


We’ve answered some of the most common questions about first responder communications solutions here, but if you don’t see your question, just ask, and we’ll be in touch.

Who needs ERRS coverage?

All commercial buildings must provide adequate signal strength for first responders. High-rises, apartment complexes, extended care facilities, universities, warehouses, and performance venues all have applicable regulations.

When do buildings need to be tested?

If you’re planning construction, ERRS coverage should be part of your budget. New buildings should be tested once completed, with repeat inspections after remodeling or adding on, with annual testing repeats. You might also need to re-test if construction occurs next to your building or if local first responder agencies change frequencies.

What happens if a building fails when tested?

If your building doesn’t provide adequate coverage, we can help you identify state, local, and federal requirements and then design and install the products you need for adequate coverage.

How do I find out what regulations apply to me?

The National Fire Protection Association, International Fire Code, First Responder Network Authority, and International Building Code all provide information on regulations. State and local agencies may have additional requirements.

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