Wireless Connectivity Solutions For Schools

At RFE Communications, we understand the crucial role connectivity plays in today’s educational environments. Schools across the nation are increasingly relying on advanced technology to enhance both security and communication. Our expertise extends to creating a seamless wireless infrastructure program that supports cellular communication, RFID systems for tracking equipment, two-way radio services, and wireless school security camera connectivity. Integrating these systems into schools ensures that mobile devices have increased cell connectivity, making educational tools more accessible and fostering reliable communications within school campuses.

From security camera systems to monitor schools for the safety of students, staff, and property to cellular connectivity solutions to ensure students are connected at all times, as well as maintaining connectivity to buses for safety and routing efficiency, RFE Communications has a wide range of connectivity solutions to give school administrators confidence in the safety and efficiency of their school’s wireless cellular connectivity systems.

RFID Connectivity For Schools

RFID (radio-frequency identification) asset management systems are vital for schools to track expensive and hard-to-replace equipment, from lab tools in the science lab to computers and technical equipment like video cameras and other valuable media tools. With cellular connectivity systems installed by RFE Communications connecting your RFID, you will be able to track these items and potentially other important things like ID cards or badges, which are often used on college campuses. Being able to determine who used equipment, when it was last used, or locate students in case of emergency are all some of the advantages of RFID for schools.

An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system is a pivotal part of modern wireless networks in schools. It uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track tags that are attached to objects. In the context of a school environment, RFID systems can be used to manage inventory, track valuable equipment, and enhance the security of library systems. This technology helps maintain a detailed log of assets, prevent loss, and facilitate efficient use of resources. By incorporating RFID systems, schools can ensure that every piece of equipment is accounted for, and the data collected by the RFID can be used to make informed decisions about resource allocation.

RFID system at school with connectivity ensured by RFE Communications
Teacher and students using internet enhanced with boosters by RFE Communications

School Cellular Connectivity

One of the most important aspects of any successful school is effective wireless internet access. From inside the classroom itself to the school buses, it’s as essential that students are connected to the internet and have reliable cell phone signal strength as it has been historically essential that they have a pencil or pen and a binder. RFE Communications can provide a wide range of boosters and mobile wireless connectivity solutions to network the interior of your school and stadiums and provide connectivity to buses.

School Security Camera Connectivity

Security is priority number one for schools. From monitoring for potential outside intrusions to systems to deter and investigate theft, RFE Communications has wireless connectivity solutions to keep your security systems connected and accessible. Cameras are not a catch-all system, but when used in combination with other measures, like safety officer patrols, they are an effective component of overall security and provide hard evidence in the event of crimes.

Security camera at school with wireless connectivity enhanced by RFE Communications
School security using two way radio with connectivity enhanced by RFE Communications

School Two-Way Radio Connectivity

Having extremely quick and efficient communication between staff members is one of the most essential aspects of running an effective school, so having a two-way radio system that has exceptional connectivity is a must. RFE Communications can provide wireless connectivity systems for two-way radios for staff that connect to buses, enabling seamless communication between teachers, security, and drivers to maintain security and streamline response to any situation.

Wireless Connectivity For Panic Buttons

Unfortunately, no security system can ensure perfect safety in schools. Because of that, it’s critical that staff is able to alert emergency authorities and other staff to react to an emergency as fast as possible. From small push-button wireless transmitters that teachers can wear in class and push discretely to buttons attached under desks or even wall-mounted in important locations, wireless connectivity systems installed by RFE Communications can provide you with peace of mind knowing in the event of an emergency, you will be able to alert security and authorities immediately.

School panic button connectivity enhanced with boosters by RFE Communications

Contact Us for School Connectivity Services Nationwide

If you’re looking to enhance your school’s connectivity with robust wireless networks and reliable cellular service, look no further than RFE Communications. Our private wireless infrastructure company specializes in designing and implementing comprehensive connectivity solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of educational institutions. From the deployment of advanced RFID systems to the integration of enhanced cellular connectivity and connectivity for wireless security systems, our team is equipped to provide nationwide support. Contact us today to learn how we can help transform your school into a highly connected, secure, and efficient learning environment.


We’ve answered some of the most common questions about school wireless connectivity here, but if you don’t see your question, just ask and we’ll be in touch.

Why does my school need wireless connectivity systems?

Unlike residential homes schools are often too large and spread out to maintain a consistent wireless signal in all areas.  This, combined with increased interference from technologies used in schools means having a cellular connectivity system is essential to maintaining your school’s learning environment and safety.

What types of school wireless installations do you offer?

We offer everything from wireless internet systems to connectivity systems to network two-way radios, RFID systems, and DAS public safety systems as well.  Boosters, repeaters, and wireless antennas, RFE Communications has all the wireless systems your school may need!

Why do schools have trouble with signal distribution in the first place?

Schools tend to be spread out over a relatively large area compared to even other commercial type  buildings.  Schools often have buildings outside the main structure like facilities for sports and portable classrooms, as well as the need for connectivity in the area surrounding the school such as for crossing guards and busses. Along with the large square footage to be covered schools also have a large amount of wireless and other electronic devices which increase the amount of interference with wireless signals, and also many more hallways than even other commercial style buildings, which increase interference.

Does weak reception drain cell phone batteries faster?

Yes. When you have adequate signal, phones don’t use as much power to send and receive data. It has to use more energy when the signal is weak.

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