Wireless Connectivity Grid Testing

Customers need reliable wireless connectivity everywhere in their business, and RFE Communications provides the necessary testing and analysis to create a wireless connectivity plan that caters to all your safety, internet connectivity, and cellular signal connectivity needs. Our professional staff is experienced in testing wireless grid connectivity in a variety of venues, from hospitals and schools to smaller storefront businesses, and implementing systems to provide full connectivity in any scenario.

How Is Wireless Grid Testing Performed?

Imagine your building as a grid, with each square representing a potential signal dead zone. Wireless grid testing fills those squares, meticulously measuring signal strength and identifying areas where your wireless network falters. Here’s the process:

  1. Grid Layout: We create a virtual grid map of your building, factoring in walls, floors, and potential interference sources.
  2. Signal Measurement: We use specialized test equipment to measure signal strength at numerous points within the grid, covering critical areas and potential trouble spots.
  3. Data Analysis: The collected data is analyzed to create detailed heatmaps, pinpointing areas with weak or inconsistent signals.
  4. Reporting & Recommendations: You receive a comprehensive report highlighting coverage strengths and weaknesses, along with recommendations for improvement.
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Benefits of Wireless Grid Testing

Don’t settle for unreliable wireless networks! Here’s how grid testing benefits you:

  • Identify Coverage Gaps: Uncover hidden dead zones before they disrupt productivity or critical communication.
  • Optimize Network Performance: Make informed decisions about infrastructure upgrades, ensuring consistent signal strength across your entire space.
  • Improve User Experience: Eliminate dropped calls, slow data speeds, and frustration for employees, tenants, or guests.
  • Maximize Investment: Ensure your existing wireless infrastructure is performing optimally before investing in costly upgrades.

Building Code Compliance Connectivity Testing

There are a wide range of fire codes and building permit requirements across the nation, but for public safety radio coverage, some of the most commonly shared baseline requirements for wireless grid testing are maintaining the following:

  • A signal strength measurement of at least -95 dBm is considered passing.
  • Passing coverage must be in 90% of the squares.
  • If adjacent squares have failing coverage, a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) will be required.

Depending on the policies in place in certain locations, it is possible that buildings may require a DAS installation, even with complete coverage, depending on the square footage of the building.

While important for optimal functionality, cellular connectivity coverage is not included in these requirements.

Building permit compliance grid testing By: RFE Communications
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Commercial Cellular Connectivity Testing

While not always legally required, having total coverage for cellular connectivity is becoming more and more vital to the functioning of a business every day. Our professional team will test for dead spots and areas of weak connectivity to all cellular carriers. As interference with wireless connectivity grows, getting your cellular connectivity analyzed with wireless grid testing annually or biannually is becoming increasingly important to determine what, if any, additional systems are required to maintain optimal connectivity.

Contact Us to Schedule Wireless Grid Testing Nationwide

RFE Communications provides expert wireless grid testing nationwide. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and schedule a comprehensive assessment of your wireless network. With our help, you can ensure seamless, reliable connectivity across every corner of your building.


RFE Communications understands that you may have questions about our services and how they can benefit your commercial property. These FAQs address common concerns and inquiries related to our wireless grid testing solutions, the testing process, security, and other essential aspects of our services and to help you make informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of our offerings. Our goal is to provide you with valuable insights and information that will allow you to optimize your wireless infrastructure and enhance the overall connectivity experience for your building’s occupants

Is testing of wireless connectivity required?

For most businesses, testing for public safety radio coverage is required by the local authority having jurisdiction like a fire marshal.  Fire code and building inspection codes for building permits require regular testing to maintain compliance.

What is actually tested with grid testing for wireless connectivity?

RFE Communications has expert technicians who are certified to test your location for everything from wireless connectivity for public safety radio systems, to cellular signal connectivity levels, to even LMR (Land Mobile Radio) connectivity.  Technicians walk every foot of your property performing thousands of tests and analyzing that data to provide you a detailed coverage map.

Is grid testing part of the installation process?

No, grid testing of wireless connectivity is not part of the installation process.  This is a service businesses will want to do before making any decisions about installation.  In fact it may even be determined through grid testing your facility already has complete coverage and doesn’t need any kind of DAS or other booster systems, in which case testing provides customers peace of mind that they will meet building code requirements.

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