How do cell phone signal boosters work?

Most cell phone signal boosters have indoor and outdoor components. An outdoor antenna captures the signal from your nearest cell phone tower, even if that tower is far away and the signal is weak. Then, it amplifies the signal and transmits it inside your home, business or other structure to an indoor antenna. Then, your cell phone signal booster broadcasts that stronger signal throughout so it’s accessible to all device types.

You offer so many choices when it comes to wireless coverage solutions. How do I know which one is right for me?

We provide wireless coverage solutions from the world’s top manufacturers for everything from RVs to homes to offices to sports arenas. That does mean a lot of choices. We can quickly help you select what fits your needs and budget when you contact us.

For what industries do you provide commercial-grade cell phone boosters?

We have solutions for everything from the home office to the enterprise level. We specialize in providing commercial-grade signal boosters for restaurants, apartment complexes, retail facilities, hospitals and healthcare centers, schools and universities, mining facilities, parking garages, entertainment arenas, and more. We also supply ERRC systems for public safety.

What are the advantages of owning a signal booster?

It’s vital that workers, clients, visitors, and homeowners have a strong and reliable cellular connection indoors. Quality cellular signal when and where you need it most provides peace of mind and even increases productivity in the workplace. Signal boosters can improve cellular signal in weak signal areas and help bypass signal blocking building materials to provide overall better coverage.

What exactly is 5g and why is it important?

5G creates networking that is more reliable while creating massive wireless capacities. It is believed to be that 5G combined with already existing 4G LTE will be up to 20 times faster than 4G alone, making it the fastest wireless network that currently exists. This can and will improve browsing speeds and create an easy ability for multiple devices to run efficiently in the same area via the same tower. It has been proven that 5G technology can, first and foremost, help reduce costs while also increasing the production and efficiency of the company.