Commercial Signal Boosters for Your Property

Imagine a customer trying to look up product or service information on their phone while in your facility, only to be met with error messages due to a weak signal. This scenario, unfortunately, isn’t uncommon for businesses struggling with poor cellular reception. But what does it say about your brand, and how can you fix it?

Weak cellular signals:

  • Communicate a lack of investment in customer experience: In today’s digital world, seamless connectivity is expected. A strong signal shows you prioritize customer convenience and satisfaction.
  • Hinder employee productivity: Dropped calls, slow data, and unreliable connections can significantly impact communication and collaboration, slowing down operations and hindering efficiency.
  • Damage your brand reputation: Customers frustrated with connectivity issues may leave negative reviews and spread the word, negatively impacting your brand image.

The good news? You don’t have to accept weak signals as your fate. Commercial cellular signal boosters from RFE Communications can be the solution you need.

For both large and small commercial buildings, as well as for commercial fleet needs, RFE Communications provides a vast range of cellular signal-boosting technology. Eliminate dropped calls, slow data transfer speeds, garbled voice communication, and many more common issues with commercial cellular signals.

How Do Commercial Cellular Signal Boosters Work?

Commercial signal boosters act as amplifiers, capturing weak cellular signals from outside your building and amplifying them indoors. This creates a stronger, more reliable signal for all your devices, whether it’s your own employees’ phones or those of your customers.

Think of it like turning up the volume on a radio. The signal booster doesn’t create a new signal; it strengthens existing ones, providing consistent, clear coverage throughout your space.

Benefits of Commercial Signal Boosters:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Ensure smooth interactions for customers with reliable access to mobile payments, loyalty programs, and online services.
  • Improved Employee Productivity: Eliminate dropped calls, slow data, and connection issues, allowing employees to work efficiently and collaborate seamlessly.
  • Increased Sales: Strong signal encourages customers to linger longer, browse online, and make purchases using their mobile devices.
  • Positive Brand Image: Demonstrate your commitment to technology and customer satisfaction by providing a frustration-free mobile experience.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Compared to major infrastructure changes, signal boosters offer a more affordable way to improve connectivity.

Do I need commercial cellular signal boosters?

If your office or other commercial building is experiencing dropped calls, slow data transfers, garbled voice communication, or total loss of cellular signal, you may need a cellular signal booster from RFE Communications. To determine what type of cellular booster solution you may need, our expert team will perform an on-site assessment and provide you with a wide range of signal booster technology options to resolve your cellular coverage issues.

Office buildings connectivity enhanced with cellular signal booster By: RFE Communications
Hiboost SLT Commercial Signal Booster Installed By: RFE Communications

What are cellular signal boosters?

A cellular signal booster is a device that increases the cellular phone signal coverage in a building. They help eliminate spotty voice and data coverage, so calls come through clearly and data transfers are fast and efficient, improving business performance. From small signal repeaters to multiple coverage unit systems, RFE Communications has a booster that fits your business coverage needs.

Commercial Cellular Booster Installations

Our expert team provides nationwide professional installation of signal boosters to both small and large commercial office buildings. You can rely on us to assess the needs of your building and provide a system that will keep calls connected and data transfers fast. RFE Communications installs systems from small office building individual boosters to large multiple coverage unit booster systems to complexes like hospitals and schools.

Weboost 200 Commercial cellular booster installed By: RFE Communications

Commercial Office Signal Boosters

Our signal boosters designed for commercial office buildings range from large booster systems with multiple coverage units for massive square footage needs to small systems for a personal office or small shop. Our professional installation team will assess the coverage needs of your office and recommend solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Mobile Boosters

For businesses that ship their products, RFE Communications offers several mobile signal boosters to provide cellular signals to your entire fleet. Our fleet boosters work on all cellular devices in the vehicle as well as all U.S. carrier networks and come with professional installation.


We’ve answered some of the most common questions about cellular signal boosters here, but if you don’t see your question, just ask and we’ll be in touch.

How do I know my business needs a cellular signal booster?

If you are experiencing dropped calls,  poor cellular data connectivity,  or total loss of cellular signal you need a cellular signal booster through RFE Communications.

Are cellular signal boosters required?

Currently most building codes do not require cellular signal boosters.  Most commercial properties do require a public safety radio system for radio coverage but not cellular signal coverage, though it is becoming more important every year to have.

How does a cellular signal booster help my business?

A cellular signal booster, either in office or for businesses with fleets ensures seamless logistics communication and fast data transfers with crystal clear voice communications.

What kinds of cellular signal boosters are available?

RFE Communications provides a wide range of commercial office and mobile/fleet cellular signal boosters for everything from small businesses needing coverage for their office building to large commercial enterprises with fleets of trucks requiring a hub, network unit, and multiple coverage units.

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