Commercial Cellular Installation Solutions in LA

RFE Communications has the expertise to help businesses improve their cellular signal coverage. Whether a business requires a cellular booster to improve their signal strength indoors or a BDA/DAS system for more comprehensive coverage, our professional staff with a variety of certifications can provide you with the assurance of complete satisfaction with your workplace coverage.

Large Commercial Building DAS Installations in LA

If you have a large commercial building or large outdoor area for which cellular coverage is failing, perhaps even with a cellular booster system already installed that is not sufficient, a DAS system installation will enhance your cellular coverage and ensure a strong signal in even the most hard to reach areas.

Commercial Cellular Signal Booster Installations in LA

Businesses with poor cellular coverage that need a boost to obtain a solid signal can rely on the professionals at RFE Communications to ensure great coverage through an installation of a network of boosters. Our wide range of both single-carrier and multi-carrier boosters can fit any requirements for your business in Louisiana.

Commercial signal booster on roof installed By: RFE Communications
Two RFE Communications cellular installation experts doing construction survey

Commercial Cellular Installation Construction Surveys in LA

At RFE Communications our professional installation team will come to your property and collect data on roof accessibility, identifying the best cable pathing, and checking for signal strength from the roof to every square foot of your building or outdoor site.  We will provide you a full assessment of what equipment may be required to give your commercial property full cellular coverage in Louisiana.

Commercial Cellular Installation Testing in LA

Once our experts finish installing your DAS system or wireless booster system they will test the changes in signal strength everywhere in your property.  We guarantee that before our experts leave you will be totally satisfied with your cellular coverage and signal strength.

RFE Communications installation expert testing coverage


We’ve answered some of the most common questions about commercial communications installations here, but if you don’t see your question, just ask and we’ll be in touch.

Why does my business need a Commercial Cellular Communications Installation?

Unlike properties like residential homes, commercial properties can often sprawl for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of square feet.  In these cases it’s essential to maintain effective wireless coverage over a large area for both business related and emergency first responder related situations.

What types of Commercial Cellular Installations do you offer?

We offer a wide range of cellular communications solutions from BDA systems, DAS, and an expansive selection of signal booster installations that can fit the needs of any business.  Whether your location is 10,000 square feet or 500,000 we have a commercial cellular solution for you.

Why do commercial buildings have trouble with signal distribution in the first place?

Commercial spaces have weak signal areas and dead zones because of their size, construction materials, and what’s around them. Low-E glass, concrete, thick walls, and other issues deflect signals. Tall surrounding buildings interfere. Whatever is causing your commercial signal coverage issue, we carry a solution.

Does weak reception drain cell phone batteries faster?

Yes. When you have adequate signal, phones don’t use as much power to send and receive data. It has to use more energy when the signal is weak.

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