New Commercial Building Grid Testing in VA

Clients require consistent grid connectivity throughout their commercial premises, and RFE Communications delivers the essential testing and evaluations to construct a comprehensive grid connectivity strategy that accommodates all safety, internet, and cellular signal connectivity requirements. Our expert team is adept at testing grid connectivity in a diverse range of environments, from hospitals and educational institutions to compact retail establishments, and implementing solutions to ensure optimal connectivity in any situation.

New Commercial Building Grid Testing Compliance in VA

Across the country, including in Virginia,  fire codes and building permit requirements can vary greatly. However, for public safety radio coverage, there are some generally accepted baseline standards for new commercial building grid testing, which include:

  • A signal strength measurement of -95 dBm or higher is deemed acceptable.
  • Satisfactory coverage should extend to at least 90% of the designated zones.
  • If neighboring zones exhibit insufficient coverage, a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) will be necessitated.

Depending on the specific regulations of certain localities, a building might need a DAS installation, regardless of having full coverage, especially if the building’s total area meets or exceeds a specific threshold.

Cellular connectivity coverage, while important for a optimal functionality, is not included in these requirements.

Building permit compliance grid testing By: RFE Communications
RFE Communications expert technician grid testing

New Commercial Building Grid Testing for Cellular Connectivity in VA

Although it’s not always a legal necessity, achieving comprehensive coverage for cellular connectivity is increasingly crucial to daily business operations. Our expert team conducts meticulous tests to identify any weak spots or areas lacking connectivity across all cellular service providers. As interference with wireless connectivity continues to intensify, it becomes more and more vital to perform new commercial building grid testing on an annual or biannual basis. This ongoing analysis is essential to identify any additional systems that might be needed to maintain optimal connectivity.


At RFE Communications, we recognize that you may have queries regarding our services and how they can improve your commercial establishment. The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) tackle prevalent queries and concerns relating to our new commercial building grid testing solutions, the testing procedures, safety measures, and other key components of our services. These FAQs are designed to help you make knowledgeable decisions and provide a comprehensive understanding of what we offer. Our objective is to furnish you with useful insights and data that can aid you in fine-tuning your connectivity infrastructure, thus elevating the overall connectivity experience for the occupants of your building.

What is the purpose of new commercial building grid testing?

The purpose of new commercial building grid testing is to evaluate and ensure optimal internet and cellular connectivity throughout a commercial property.

How frequently should new commercial building grid testing be conducted?

Ideally, grid testing should be carried out annually or biannually, depending on the size of your property and the level of wireless interference in the area.

Does the size of the building affect the need for grid testing?

Yes, larger buildings often have more areas where connectivity might be weak or non-existent. Regular grid testing helps identify and rectify these issues.

What happens if weak spots or areas lacking connectivity are found during testing?

If areas of weak connectivity are found, a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) or other solutions may be implemented to improve coverage and ensure optimal connectivity.

Is new commercial building grid testing legally required?

While not always legally required, certain regulations and standards often necessitate maintaining a certain level of connectivity for safety and operational efficiency.

Can new commercial building grid testing improve business operations?

Yes, by ensuring comprehensive coverage for cellular and internet connectivity, grid testing can significantly improve communication efficiency, and hence, overall business operations.

How does new commercial building grid testing work?

It involves a thorough assessment of the property, measuring signal strength and testing connectivity in various zones. Our team identifies any dead zones or areas of weak connectivity, providing solutions to enhance coverage.

How long does the testing process take?

The duration depends on the size and complexity of the building. Our team works diligently to conduct testing with minimal disruption to your operations.

Is the testing process disruptive to my daily business activities?

We strive to perform testing in a way that minimizes interruption to your regular business operations.

What standards are used during new commercial building grid testing?

Our testing methods follow industry best practices and regulatory standards, including a signal strength measurement of -95 dBm or higher and coverage in at least 90% of the zones.

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