Enhancing Campus Safety with RFE Communications at the Campus Safety Conference Fort Worth

At the recent Campus Safety Conference Fort Worth, RFE Communications showcased their latest innovations in public safety and critical communication systems. President Armand Ely and Senior Project Manager Damon Rautry introduced RFE’s flagship products, which included cellular signal amplifiers for building interiors, emergency responder communication signal boosters, Wi-Fi infrastructure integration, and mobile vehicle connectivity units. The products are designed to ensure that campuses and schools maintain strong communication connectivity at all times, especially during emergencies.

The cellular signal amplifiers, primarily installed in schools, colleges, and campuses, are meant to provide strong cellular connectivity within the building. The emergency responder communication signal boosters ensure that first responders can maintain their communication connectivity both inside and outside the building. RFE’s Wi-Fi infrastructure integration ensures that all campus facilities are connected, and all equipment has reliable communication connectivity. For campuses with school buses, RFE’s mobile vehicle connectivity units ensure that bus drivers can maintain connectivity with dispatch at all times, especially in rural areas.

RFE Communications’ products provide comprehensive solutions to all critical communication and connectivity needs. These innovations are the result of RFE’s commitment to ensuring that campuses, schools, and first responders have reliable communication connectivity during emergencies.

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