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The first thing a guest does when they walk in your hotel or bed and breakfast is check the Wi-Fi. Being able to deliver connectivity and cater to their wireless needs makes for repeat visits and positive reviews.


Students, educators, and administrators need a seamless execution of wireless services to experience success. Make sure they aren’t held back by building infrastructure and network coverage.


When guests sit down, they pull out their phone to check notifications and share where they’re dining. Dependable connectivity positively affects customer relations, perceptions, and reviews.

Parking Garages

People are already nervous in confined spaces and areas that may not have consistent lighting or security. That feeling of unease is heightened when concrete walls and supports block signal. Provide comfort and safety with our commercial solutions.

Oil & Gas

Offshore workers and those working in remote geographical areas feel isolated by the nature of their work. They need real-time information for safety and productivity. Make sure they have it with dependable wireless connectivity.


Underground mining relies on the two-way radio and wireless networking to stay in touch with teams. Stable connectivity keeps things running as smoothly as possible and provides immediate access to support in case of an emergency.


We’ve answered some of the most common questions about commercial communications solutions here, but if you don’t see your question, just ask and we’ll be in touch.

How important is mobile coverage inside commercial facilities?

Almost all Americans own cell phones, and they take them wherever they go, describing them as “something they can’t imagine living without.” Only a small percentage of commercial buildings have technology dedicated to ensuring a strong signal, and when people can’t use their devices, they leave as soon as they can. Simply put, if your building doesn’t have a strong signal, it’s probably costing you business. Regulations also require commercial facilities to provide adequate signal distribution for first responders.

How do I know if my building needs Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERCC)?

The International Fire Code (IFC) and other regulatory agencies require commercial buildings, senior care facilities, schools, warehouses, sports arenas, music venues, hi-rises and other facilities to meet minimum standards for signal strength so first responders can communicate during emergencies. We can evaluate the current signal strength and advise you on regulations for your area.

Why do commercial buildings have trouble with signal distribution in the first place?

Commercial spaces have weak signal areas and dead zones because of their size, construction materials, and what’s around them. Low-E glass, concrete, thick walls, and other issues deflect signals. Tall surrounding buildings interfere. Whatever is causing your commercial signal coverage issue, we carry a solution.

Does weak reception drain cell phone batteries faster?

Yes. When you have adequate signal, phones don’t use as much power to send and receive data. It has to use more energy when the signal is weak.

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