Our remote annunciators are compact and can be housed in a typical 2 gang electrical box and interconnected with a single standard CAT5 cable up to 650 feet away, providing a compact and clean solution for monitoring the health of each active DAS element. With both optical and audible annunciation of alarms, first responders will have a clear indication of the DAS system performance as they enter the building.

Westell CS40-Annunciator

CS40-Annunciator :

  • Provides remote annunciation of alarms
  • Includes audible annunciation
  • Compact, unobtrusive design
  • Uses single CAT5 cable
  • Operates up to 650 feet (200 meters from BDA)

Product Specifications

Main Power Input 110 VAC (88-264VAC)
AC Power Consumption (Max.) 1/2W = 140 Watts
Battery Charger Output 27.8VDC
DC Input Range 24 – 30VDC
DC Power Consumption 1/2W = 45 Watts
PS51080E Output Power +27 dBm 1/2W
Gain 80 dB
Noise Figure @ Max Gain <5 dB Typ.
AGC Dynamic Range 25 dB
Gain Adjustment Range 30 dB ±1 dB

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