With several new features including built-in battery charger, all required NFPA alarms, built-in annunciator panel and NRTL Listing to standard ANSI/UL 2524, the latest standard for public safety BDA systems. Westell has the solutions you need for all your Public Safety Communications needs.

Westell CS14-722-822-EBDA


  • Supports Dual‐Band 700/800 MHz
  • Redundant power supplies, operates on 110VAC or 24VDC
  • NFPA 72/1221 Compliant Class B Amplifier
  • Built-in Annunciator
  • 33 dBm, (2W) Power Output DL/UL
  • Uplink Squelch
  • NRTL Listings: ANSI/UL 2524, UL 62368-1, UL 508A
  • FirstNet Ready
  • Built-in battery charging and alarm circuitry
  • Low Power Consumption

Product Specifications

Main Power Input 110 VAC (88-264VAC)
AC Power Consumption (Max.) 2W = 165 Watts
Battery Charger Output 27.8VDC
DC Input Range 24 – 30VDC
DC Power Consumption 2W = 75 Watts
PS71090E Output Power +33 dBm 2W
Gain 90 dB
Noise Figure @ Max Gain <5 dB Typ.
AGC Dynamic Range 25 dB
Gain Adjustment Range 30 dB ±1 dB

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