Combines 4 low band ports plus 4 high band ports to 4 outputs. Ideal for passively combining up to 8 cellular base stations for a neutral host application.

Westell CS09-781-849-RF-Interface

CS09-781-849 Product Highlights:

  • Outputs from 617-2700 MHz
  • Guaranteed Low PIM ≤ -153 dBc
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Compact at, 3 RU rack size

Product Specifications

Inputs L1 to L4 617-960 MHz, Low Band
Inputs H1 to H4 1710-2700 MHz, High Band
Input Isolation, dB Within Bands: 24 typ., 22 dB min. Between Bands: >55 dB
Input Return Loss >15.6 dB (>19 dB typical) Coupling (In-Out) 6.1±1.9dB (698-800 MHz),
Coupling (In-Out) 6.1±1.9dB (698-800 MHz), L paths 6.4±1.2dB (800-960 MHz), L paths 6.6±1.2dB (1710-2500 MHz), H paths 6.6±1.4dB (2500-2700 MHz), H paths
Connector 4.3-10(f) (others available by special order)
Output Return Loss >15.6dB
Passive Intermodulation (PIM) ≤ -153 dBc
Power per input 75W avg., 3 kW peak
Group Delay 6ns typ
Impedance 50Ω nominal

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