Product features include :

  • NFPA compliant
  • All required monitoring alarms
  • Batteries included
  • Choose capacity to match system requirements
  • NEMA-4 UL listed enclosure
  • Prewired for easy on-site connections
  • Customization to meet local AHJ ‘s requirements

Product Specifications

Input: 90 – 300V AC, 50/60 Hz.
Outputs: DC: 48V, with 600 and 1200 Watt DC UPS
AC: 120V at 600 watts – see reverse for detailed specifications
Protections: Battery circuit breaker, DC output circuit breaker, NEMA enclosure, IP65 vents
NFPA 1221 Compliant Alarms (Form C, Dry Contact)
AC fail
Battery discharged to 30% of capacity
Rectifier/Charger fail
Batteries Included: maintenance free, sealed valve regulated, lead acid, 160, 185, 370, and 600 AH capacity
Enclosure Size (H x W x D): A: 50.23” x 25.5” x 34”
B: 78.23” x 25.5” x 34”
Enclosure A: 50” tall, NEMA-4, UL listed, welded aluminum with IP 65 battery vent and pad lockable door handles. Red powder coat wall mount.
Enclosure B: NEMA-4, UL listed, welded aluminum with IP 65 vent, pad lockable door handles. Red powder coat floor mount.
Included: Battery string wiring: 8 AWG, two conductor with 5/16” ring battery terminals, Battery string circuit breaker: 30A

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