The ComFlex BDA (Bi-directional Amplifier) is a compact, 19″ rack mountable chassis that can hold up to 6 RF modules. The unit can be fed RF through a multiple of sources including BTS (Base Station) through Comba’s ACU solution, Small Cell as well as a base station’s over-the-air RF signal received through a donor antenna mounted on the roof. Designed as an affordable DAS system that can be configured for venues up to 50K square feet.

Comba MBDA


  • Supports up to 6 bands of 700 Upper C/700 Lower ABC/800/850/1900/EAWS
  • Supports GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE modulation
  • Supports multi operator configurations and up to 3 sub-bands per band
  • Operation via friendly and easy OMT interface with RJ45 connection
  • Integrated Ethernet for remote monitoring and control


Dimension (in/mm) mm System Rack (6 Bands)
Power Unit
RF Unit
267 x 482 x 485
220 x 80 x 440
220 x 60 x 350
Weight kg System Rack (6 Bands)
Power Unit
Combiner Unit
RF Unit
Power Consumption w Power and Monitor Unit
RF Unit
Power Supply 100-240VAC (47-63Hz)
Power Up Waiting Time (sec) approx. (sec) approx. 85
 Operating Temperature oC -20 to +40
 Operating Humidity 10 to 85%
 Ingress Protection IP30
 Enclosure Cooling Convection or Fan
RF Connectors 4.3-10 (2600MHz – Mini-Din)
Mounting 19″ Rack
Comba mBDA RF Modules

mBDA RF Modules

At the heart of the mBDA system is controlling and distributing the RF signals. The mBDA can take up to 6 RF modules to customize the wireless ecosystem. Just simply plug the unit in and make the connections to the antennas.


  • Avaiable in 6 bands: 700MHz Upper, 700MHz Lower, 800MHz, 850MHz, 1900MHz, and EAWS.
Comba mBDA Combiner Module

mBDA Combiner Module

This penta band combiner fits directly into a 19″ rack simplifying the system installation. Simply connect the RF source from the donor antenna to the combiner and then to the RF modules to create a simple, clean cellular repeater system.


  • Penta band combiner: 700/800/Extended PCS/AWS1&3 and WCS+2.6G.

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