The Comba ComFlex Active Conditioning Unit (ACU) DAS is a modular, multi-technology RF signal conditioner designed to be flexible and deliver reliable wireless service coverage to both indoor and outdoor environments. Engineered to handle large venues such as stadiums, arenas and airports, the ACU can handle multi-carrier, multi-band and multi-sector system architectures. The ACU can be fed RF through a multiple of sources including BTS (Base Station) through Comba’s ACU solution, Small Cell as well as a base station’s over-the-air RF signal received through a donor antenna mounted on the roof.

The ACU is comprised of a 19″ rack mountable chassis, control unit, power supply and slots for up to 8 RF modules. The unit can be expanded to cascade 4 ACU’s together for maximum flexibility and independently configured to work with any DAS equipment including Comba’s Fiber Optic Unit (FOU) and Remote Units to deliver a state-of-the-art and truly future-proof system that can be upgraded anytime.

Comflex ACU Series Front

Series Components:

ACU-RK-A (Chassis)
– ACU-PS-A92W300 (Power Supply, AC) or
– ACU-PS-A48W300 (Power Supply, DC)
– ACU-MC-MM20S (Monitor Control Unit)
– ACU-RF (See RF Card Solutions Below – supports up to 8 cards)
ACU-CB-8I4OES (Combiner Unit) – Optional
MU01-FOU-SABFOP6 (Optical Control Unit) – Optional


  • Low PIM (≤ -160dBc)
  • Up to 8 RF modules for each chassis
  • Up to 32 sources by 4 ACUs, cascaded
  • Duplex input from BTS / Simplex output
  • DL input power from 5W-100W
  • Each RFU has built-in internal signal source
  • Web-based GUI
  • Active ATT, input power detection and ALC protection for each RF module

Electrical Specifications:

 Power Supply VAC 100 – 240 / 50 – 60Hz
VDC -48
 Power Consumption (approx.) W


180 (with 8 RFUs)

 Operating Temperature oC 0 – 45
 Operating Humidity % ≤ 85
 Ingress Protection IP30
 Enclosure Cooling Fan
 Installation Type 19″ Rack

Mechanical Specifications:




ACU-PS-A92W300 or


Power Supply


Monitoring Control Unit

 Dimension (in/mm) 8.7″ x 19″ x 17.7″ (220 x 482.5 x 450)
 Weight (lb/kg) 2.6 / 1.2 4.4. / 2.0 4.0 / 1.8
 Connector Type N/A N/A ?????
Comba Comflex ACU RF Module

ComFlex ACU RF Modules

At the heart of the DAS system is controlling and distributing the RF signals. The Master Control Unit can take up to 8 RF modules per rack, up to 4 racks or 32 RF sources to customize the wireless ecosystem. Just simply plug the unit in and make the connections to the remote units.


  • Avaiable for all North American bands
  • Simplex/Duplex supported
  • Input power level by LED display
  • Independent gain control
Comba Comflex ACU Combiner

ComFlex Combiner Unit

The role of the combiner is the do exactly what the name implies, combine the RF signals.


  • Passive unit for 8 inputs and 4 outputs.
  • Simplex RF connectors.
  • Supports cascade up to 16 inputs and 4 outputs.
Comba Comflex Optical Control Unit

ComFlex Optical Control Unit

The Optical Control Unit (OCU) brings in the RF signal and converts it to a digital signal distributed and carried over via fiber to the Remote Units


  • Modular design for easy upgrading and maintenance.
  • Supports up to 8 RUs.
  • Display the optical power loss of each optical port.
Comba Comflex ACU DAS Remote Unit

ComFlex DAS Remote Units

The Remote Units are self contained and come in both low/medium power 2W/5W
or high power 40W units, depending on your specific design requirements.


  • Delivers 2 watt (LRU) / 5 watt (MRU) / 40 watt (HRU) per band
  • Supports all North American bands
  • High linearity power amplifier
  • Compact size and light weight:
    • MRU: 26.0”x9.8”x6.3”, 55lbs
    • MRU: 26.0”x9.8”x6.3”, 55lbs
    • HRU: 53.1” x 8.9” x 12.4”, 154.3lbs
  • Low power consumption:
    • LRU: 200W
    • MRU: 200W
    • HRU: 1400W
  • Convection cooling with NO noise (2W/5W)
  • Modular power supply unit ComFlex (5W)

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