Poor Signal Strength? Here’s What You Can Do to Improve It

One of the first thing visitors do when they enter a building is search for the Wi-Fi and then ask for the password. Once they are connected, they expect lightning-fast and stable Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, this is not the case in several buildings. It is estimated that over 72% of people experience slow download speeds indoors. Worse still, they experience dropped calls too.

Your business cannot afford to provide an awful communication experience to clients. Why? Poor connectivity can reduce the foot traffic your business gets resulting in losses. Additionally, displeased clients may give your business poor reviews and ruin your business’s reputation. These are things you certainly want to avoid. Want to give your customers seamless communications when they visit your premises? Here are some solutions worth considering.

1. Commercial Cell Boosters

Some buildings have relatively strong cellular signals outside and weak signals inside. If the building where your business is located is like this, then you can benefit from a commercial cell booster installation.

Commercial cell boosters can help boost the signal in your vicinity, thus improving calls and internet connectivity. And if your business occupies a large area, do not worry. Commercial cell boosters can work on large commercial properties that occupy up to 100,000 square feet and beyond. What’s more, they are built to support hundreds of users who need reliable and fast connectivity.

2. Commercial DAS

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) consists of interconnected antennas installed throughout a building to improve voice and internet connectivity for users inside the building. The antennas usually have two main parts: a signal source and a distribution system. The signal source transmits the signal into the commercial das system. Meanwhile, the distribution system distributes the signal throughout the building.

If the Wi-Fi or cellular reception in your building is poor, you should consider getting a commercial DAS installed. It can resolve common problems experienced inside buildings, such as dropped calls and poor download speeds.

What’s more, a commercial DAS can extend the battery life of cell phones. Poor signals usually drain battery life. A commercial DAS strengthens weak signals. Thus it can prolong battery life. Whether you’re looking to boost signal strength in a hotel, airport, hospital, bank, or college, a commercial DAS can be used in a variety of settings.

3. First Responder Communications

When disaster strikes, first responders need to communicate with the people at the scene of the disaster promptly. Often, first responders usually use cell phones to communicate. While dropped calls happen from time to time, in emergencies, the consequences can be dire. Thus, if you want to improve the safety of your building during emergencies, you should consider investing in first responder cellular boosters and a first responder DAS. Both can enable first responders to communicate clearly during emergencies.

Keep Your Clients Happy

Seamless communication can ensure your business attracts and retains clients and avoids unfavorable reviews. Plus, it can enhance the safety of your building. If you are a business owner, you cannot afford to take communications for granted. Invest in solutions such as commercial cell boosters to improve the cellular reception inside your building.