The ClearLink® UDIT is an active radio frequency (RF) DAS conditioner and management system that optimizes signal performance between a small cell or high power base station transceiver (BTS) and a DAS. The UDIT is technology neutral and provides signal conditioning and remote monitoring and control for single service provider, neutral host, and multicarrier systems.

Westell CS18-115-113-DAS

CS18-115-113 MDIU MODULE:

EMI FCC Part 15, Class B
Operating Frequency Range 698-2360 MHz
Insertion Loss 7.5 dB typical
Return Loss > 14 dB
Isolation > 20 dB
Composite Maximum (Power Per Port) +30 dBm (1 Watt)
Weight 2.0lbs
DIMENSIONS 7 x 1.3 x 4.3 in
Return Loss > 14 dB

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