Westell’s multi-band omnidirectional antenna is a wireless transmitting / receiving antenna that works exceptionally well in all horizontal directions. Used in most RF wireless devices such as mobile phone devices and wireless routers.

Westell CS03-011-429-Antenna

CCS03-036-852 Omnidirectional SISO Antenna

  • Supports 50W input power
  • N-Type (f) connector
  • 2 dBi gain
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Wide beamwidth

Product Specifications

Weight 1.6lbs
Mounting Ceiling
Gain (dBi) LB 2 / HB 4
Frequency Range Supported (MHz) 700-960, 1710-2700
Indoor/Outdoor Rated Indoor
Dimensions 8″ Diameter x 4.5″ Height
PIM Rating -153
Connector Style N-Type (f)
Power Input 50 w

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