Westell CS10-443-409 Repeater


61080-S9  1:1  SMR 900 (896-901 & 935-94
The 610 series of in-building amplifiers provide amplification of both uplink and downlink for Public Safety frequencies in facilities located within reasonable proximity of cell towers and where coverage is otherwise non-existent. 

  • Alphanumeric user interface
  • Integrated digital power/AGC meter allows for precise set up without test equipment
  • Oscillation detection and suppression control feature to prevent network interference
  • Each band is independently controlled
  • Local alarm contact closure points and interface for remote shutdown


Bands 900 SMR
900 SMR 900 SMR
input Duplexed Inputs
output Duplexed Outputs
input1 D1
output1 D1
Frequency(s) 900 SMR
Port Configuration 1:1
Overall Dimensions (Includes Lift Ears and Mounting Brackets) H x W x D 12.38 x 12.6 x 6.21 in.
Weight 15.5 lbs
GAIN(dBi) 80
Frequency Range Supported(MHz) 896-901 /935-940
Indoor/Outdoor Rated Indoor
DIMENSIONS 12.4 x 12.6 x 6.2 in
Temperature Rating -10¡ C to +50¡ C
Connector Style N-Type (f)
Single/Dual Band Single
Power Output (W) 1
Propagation Delay (µs) <0.25
Noise Figure (dB) <5.5
Power Draw 1.3 Amp @ 120VAC
FirstNet Ready No
Power Input 110 VAC

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