CPBBUV1-48055 Antenna Monitoring System

System Components:

CP-AMS-V1-MCU (Main Control Unit)
IXD-360H04NM40-RT (Indoor low profile antenna, 380-2700MHz, w/ pre-installed internal tag)
IXD-360H04NT53-RT (Indoor low profile antenna, 698-2700MHz, w/ pre-installed internal tag)
IXD-360V05NT40-RT (Indoor wide band antenna, 689-2700MHz, w/ pre-installed internal tag)
IWH-080V08NZ-RT (Indoor directional wall mounted antenna, 698-4000MHz, w/ pre-installed internal tag)
IXL-MJN-H4URT (Indoor wide band antenna, 698-2700MHz, w/ pre-installed internal tag)


  • Monitor In-building status in real time for all passive components, antenna coax, and service antennas
  • Report overall status through dry contact alarming – login to identify alarms from individual antenna paths
  • Supports up to 25dB cable loss from Main Control Unit (MCU) to Antenna
  • Supports Monitoring VHF, UHF/T band, 700/800MHz systems
  • Monitor VHF system via external combining
  • Supports Form C dry contact alarms
  • MCU is housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Low Power Consumption

Master Control Unit:

 Pass Band (MHz) 902 – 928 (Default: 910)
 Input Frequency Range (MHz) 136 – 869
 Insertion Loss (dB) 0.5
 Output Power per Antenna (dBm) <10
 Power Consuption (W) Avg. <6 (Peak: 0.6A, 28.8W)
 Power Accuracy (dB) +/- 2dB
 Receiver Sensitivity (dBm) – 70
 Max Cable Loss Supported (dB) 25
 Max Numbers of Antennas Supported 50


Master Control Unit Dry Contact Alarms:

 Dry contact alarm 1 Unit Fail Alarm
 Dry contact alarm 2 Antenna Fail Alarm (Overall)


Master Control Unit Mechanical Specifications:

 Dimension Diameter, Height (in) 12.5 x 8.9 x 5.2
 Weight (lb) 15.5
 Environmental Class NEMA 4
 Application Outdoor / Indoor
 Operating Temperature (°F) -4 to +131
 Operating Humidity <= 95%
 Enclosure Cooling Convection
 Power Supply

VAC 100-240

VDC -48

 RF Input N-Female
 RF Output N-Female
 RoHS Compliant


Tag Specifications:

 Frequency Band (MHz) 902 – 928
 Sensitivity (dBm) -21
 Ingress protection IP30
 Operating Temperature (°F) -4 to +131
 Operating Humidity <= 95%

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