• Channelized 700/800 Repeater and DAS Head End (HE) in a single unit
  • Up to 32 narrowband channel support (PS 700 & PS 800)
  • Supports up to 4 Remote Units
  • NFPA 1221 2016 Code Compliant
  • Up to 33 dBm composite output power per remote
  • IP66 compliant enclosure
  • Supports Battery Backup & Dry Contact Alarming
  • Repeater alarming output to supervised circuits for antenna, amplifier, AC or DC power supply, battery, and charger failure
  • Optional alarming of remotes available via connection to external alarm box
  • Simultaneously supports FCC Part 90 Class A narrow-band and Class B wideband repeater designations

ADXV Public Safety Remote Unit (ADXV-R-3378P-N4X)

  • Built-in Spectrum Analyzer
  • IP66 rated
  • Dry Contact Alarming
  • Optional Battery Backup Support
  • PIM Rated 4.3-10 RF Output Connectors
  • Available External FIleter Ports
  • 33dBm Composite Output Power for Public Safety 700MHz/800MHz