Benefits of Cell Boosters and How They Can Help First Responders

Responding to any kind of emergency call can prove intimidating, but it’s something first responders do on the job every single day. Whether it’s police officers, firefighters, or EMTs, they rely on calls to respond to emergencies.

Because they are so many risks involved in responding to unknown situations, communication is one of the most important tools a first responder can have. Yet, first responders often lose communications for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Interference: Electronic equipment and heavy machinery can easily create interfering signals that can disrupt a first responder’s communications at the worst possible times. In fact, something like a generator can disrupt calls.
  • Being out of range: Most radios used by first responders have a predetermined range. The same can be said for cell phones. When they’re out of range of a cell tower, it can be hard to send and receive messages.
  • Damaged equipment: Believe it or not, cell towers can be damaged. When that happens, cell phone coverage can be greatly reduced.

So what are first responders to do to improve their communication? The answer is simple: use first responder cellular boosters.

It’s estimated that 80% of calls are made indoors and with a first responder cellular booster, a police officer or a firefighter can use the booster to make calls in times of great emergencies.

The benefits of first responder cell boosters

With a first responder cellular booster, first responders actually have several applications for which they can use this equipment:

It’s no secret that cell phone towers have greatly improved cell phone coverage across the country. But still, first responders might get weak signals depending where they are, the size of the building they’re in, or even obstacles within the building. One way to improve coverage is with a portable first responder booster. These boosters can overcome interference and can strengthen signals so they can reach cell towers.

First responder cellular boosters can also be used in search-and-rescue missions, which often take place in remote areas where cell signals might be weak. Searchers who are armed with boosters can better coordinate search-and-rescue operations. In situations where time is of the essence, cell boosters can ensure that first responders can spend time searching and helping victims rather than searching for a signal.

There may be times where upgrades like first responder wireless solutions are of even greater importance in the field. During some operations where a mobile command center is set up, it’s of vital importance for first responders to be able to communicate and coordinate a response to emergency situations like fires or natural disasters. With the latest boosters, a response can be successful in a time of crisis.

Another helpful first responder cellular booster that firefighters and police officers can use is one that’s mounted to a vehicle. If first responders are traveling to an emergency or from an emergency toward a hospital, they can be assured they’ll have a strong signal in their vehicles to make necessary calls. The same vehicle-mounted booster can be applied to boats, snowmobiles, and ATVs if responders are doing search-and-rescue work in remote areas.

Rely on RFe Connect

With the latest and greatest commercial cell boosters, first responder communications can always be top-notch. First responders can be in communication when they need to be, no matter what kind of work they’re doing. Improve your first responder team with cellular boosters from RFe Connect.