Police two-way radios are essential pieces of equipment, to protect citizens as well as the officers themselves from harm. Public safety, police, firefighters, EMTs and emergency-response professionals know the essentials of two-way radio use because it’s so central to their work.

What Is An ERRCS?

An emergency responder radio communication systems is an extension of the public safety radio network based on RF performance. An ERRCS improves in-building coverage for voice communications, and is beneficial to first responders by reaching poor signal areas affected by factors like Low-E glass, interior/exterior walls, interior clutter, external obstructions, and more.

What Does an ERRCS System Look Like?

An ERRCS looks much like an Over-the-Air Cellular DAS in some respects: it uses a donor antenna to receive the radio signals from the local first responder network – signals that operate on private frequencies. These signals are then re-amplified in the building at the required locations. This communication system is best for when you need to ensure that first responders can maintain wireless communications within a building structure in emergency situations.

The Answer in Emergency Situations

The Columbine school shooting in 1999 marked one of the first times where easy access to cell phones played a role in a major emergency. Unfortunately, students could call newscasters, but could not convey accurate information, creating conflicting reports that confused first responders. And 911 dispatchers were flooded with calls, which did more harm than good. That frustrating scene of over-strained cellular networks has become familiar in such disasters as the attack on 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy.

PTT over cell phones excel because they have dedicated bandwidth and a limited number of users. With the addition of bi-directional amplifiers, distributed antenna systems, and repeaters, reliable two-way radio coverage can be extended throughout a facility or across a campus in areas where cell phone signals cannot reach.

Effective, fast communication is absolutely vital for law enforcement officers and the personnel who support them. Whether you need a brand new communications setup or some accessories for your existing system, our experts can handle all of your agency’s needs. We design code compliant ERRCs, and assist with coming up with a realistic projection of systems cost before your construction begins. We have the tools, code understanding, and technology background to provide a code compliant system allowing first responder communication systems to work effectively when needed and keep building occupants safe. Contact us now to learn more or find radio communication solutions that will fit within your existing network.