Non-Magnetic Option Exterior Vehicle Antenna

Product features include :

  • FME-Female connector
  • 3.5 dBi / 5.5 dBi / 4.6 dBi
  • 50 Ohm
  • Wide band: 2G, 3G & 4G LTE (698 – 2700 MHz)
  • Permanent mounting option
  • Includes mounting base with 17 ft cable
  • Requires 3/4” hole in sheet metal

Wide Band 3.3” Non-Magnetic Option exterior omni-directional vehicle antenna includes mounting base with 17 ft cable and FME-Female connector.

Note: The permanent nature of the NMO antenna requires the help of a professional installer, as the installer will need to drill a small 3/4″ hole in the roof of the vehicle and run the antenna’s cable between the vehicles exterior and ceiling headliner.

Product Specifications

Part number SC-203WN
Frequency 698-960 / 1700-2700 MHz
Impedence 50 Ohm
Peak Gain 698-960 MHz / 3.5 dBi
1710-1990 MHz / 5.5 dBi
2100-2700 MHz / 4.6 dBi
Polarization Vertical
Radiation pattern Omni-directional
Maximum power 100W
Connector type FME-Female
Cable length 17 ft
Cable type RG-58U
Height 3.3″
Width 1.44″
Operating temperature -40° F to +185° F
Mount type NMO
Hole size required 3/4″

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