Wide Band Omni-Directional Antenna

Product features include :

  • Indoor Omni-directional whip antenna
  • The adjustable right-angle antenna connects directly to the booster
  • 2±1dB Gain
  • N-Male connector
  • 50 Ohm
  • Wide band 2G, 3G, 4G LTE (698 – 2155 MHz)

Product Specifications

Part Number SC-123W
Frequency Range 698-787 / 824-896 / 1710-2155 MHz
Input Impedence 50 Ohm
Antenna Gain 2±1dB
Bandwidth (MHz) 89/72/445
VSWR ≤3.2/3.0
Polarization Type Vertical
Radiation Pattern Omni-directional
Maximum Power 10 W
Connector Type N-Male
Operating Temperature -22°F – 167°F
Material Plastic
Height 9.25″
Power Rating 10 W
Ground Plane Built-in
Weight 1.23 oz

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