Share internet from inside to Outside!

  • Extend your wifi coverage from inside your home to outside!
  • Works for all internet providers, routers, modems, and wifi devices.
  • Selected kit includes all parts for installation
  • Easy setup: better signal outdoors
  • Parts included (regular kit): 2 whip antennas (2.4 GHz), PiFi wifi access point, 100 feet of CAT6 cable.
  • Made in USA: Superior design by antenna experts from the Sunshine State.
  • Easy installation: You’ll need some pliers and simple handyman skills.
  • Expand your network: No more weak signal outdoors! Faster speeds and coverage.

Simply install the PiFi Outdoor WiFi Extender outside your home or building and connect to an existing router with internet service with our included 100 feet of CAT6 ethernet cable.

The PiFI Outdoor WiFi Extender will then broadcast signal outside to a location that has no or limited internet access.

Why buy a PiFi Outdoor WiFi Extender?

  • Internet Service Providers include:
    Comcast, Charter, AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Cox, Frontier, Altice, Mediacom, Windstream, and many more ISPs.
  • Great For:
    Farm, yard, pool, RV campgrounds, and outdoor spots.
    Sharing internet with a neighbor.
  • Not wanting to spend $ for a SECOND internet connection!

Uses And Ranges

Great option for people needing wifi in an outdoor location such as farm, pool, patio, yard etc., sharing internet with a neighbor or family member, or broadcasting from an RV campground with an internet source.

2.4 Outdoor Antenna Type & Range:
  1. Whip Antenna:  Up to 100 yards.
  2. Omni Antenna: Up to ¼ mile.
  3. Yagi Antenna: Up to ½ mile.

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