It’s a long-range wifi bridge that grabs signal from an existing internet source then repeats that signal in a second location that has no or limited internet access.

A great option for people needing wifi in another location such as a barn, detached garage, workshop, etc. on their property, sharing internet with a neighbor or family member, accessing public wifi from far away or needing better wifi in an RV, camper or boat.

Why buy a PiFi Outdoor WiFi Extender?

Internet Service Providers include:
Comcast, Charter, AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Cox, Frontier, Altice, Mediacom, Windstream, and many more ISPs.

Great For:

  • Properties with detached barns, garages, or workshops.
  • Expanding your Internet Coverage.
  • Business to home solution.
  • RV campgrounds.
  • Not wanting to spend $ for a SECOND internet connection!

Share internet from inside to Outside!

  • Extend your wifi coverage from one location to another up to 1 mile
  • Works for all internet providers, routers, modems, and wifi devices.
  • Selected kit includes all parts for installation
  • Easy setup: better signal indoors
  • Parts included: 32-degree directional panel antenna, PiFi WiFi repeater, professional-grade router.
  • Additional Upgrades: Improved source signal broadcast, Mounting Equipment.
  • Made in USA: Superior design by antenna experts from the Sunshine State.
  • Easy installation: You’ll need access to the roof, drill & pliers.
  • Expand your network: No more weak signal! Faster speeds and coverage.

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